Sweets In a Jar, LLC was started because founder Kolby McNeal realized that students on his college campus needed homemade desserts that they could take anywhere.  From that Sweets In a Jar was born.

Each of our flavors are culinary creations from the mind of our founder, Kolby McNeal.  Sweets in a Jar are a perfect marriage of homemade flavors with a hip hop flair.  New flavors are added often, so check our site for updates.  However, we have a lot of staples: Krim & Kreme: Red Velvet Cake, The Real MVP: White Chocolate Cake, The Middle Child: 7-Up Lemon Pound Cake, Thrilla in Vanilla: Vanilla Cake,That Pretty Girl: Strawberry Cake, *Honeybun Kane: Honeybun Cake

**We donate $1.00 from every subscription box we sell to HBCUs.

*All Proceeds of Honeybun Kane goes to support those who have epilepsy.

A Message From Our Founder

Kolby McNeal

“I hope that you enjoy our cakes as much as we enjoy making them.  Love is in every jar. Eat Good Food Good!

You’re in good company

What Our Customers Have to Say about Sweets in a Jar

The cakes are nice and moist. You get a burst of flavor when you bite into it. Sweets in a Jar really has a knack for this.

I love Sweets in a Jar! It was the perfect dessert for me and my ladies anniversary.

Well worth the money,  the quality and pride definitely shows through every bite!  I highly recommend!

Each time it gets better! You can really tell that it has that homemade taste to it.  Definitely doesn’t taste store bought.  Just what I need when I am away from home.