Word on the Sweets


21-Year Old HBCU Football Player Launches Dessert Company

Kolby McNeal, founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Sweets in a Jar LLC, has launched an on-the-go homemade dessert company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. While excelling in academics as well as athletics at his beloved HBCU, the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Kolby has also been working hard to grow his business. This student-athlete phenom turned entrepreneur, who went to school on a full football scholarship, has quickly become known as "Cakes" because of his imaginative spins on tried and true sweets. 

About Us

Sexual Chocolate Triple Chocolate Cake

Desserts Can Be Messy

It's not that you don't want a home-made cake or pie, but the truth is desserts can be a messy situation if you aren't in the comfort of your home!

I Got the Keys Key Lime Pie

Handcrafted Goodness

We make handcrafted goodness in every jar, perfect for any time, anywhere! Our cakes are the desserts you crave when you have a need for sweets!

Pudin Up Wit Kell Banana Pudding.

Perfect Portion Size

Whether you are watching your waistline or not, we know that making sure to keep a serving size a truly healthy serving size, it's tough.  That's why our sizes are for those who just need a bit of decadence to calm down that sweet tooth!

Kolby McNeal, Founder Sweets in a Jar

Who We Are

Sweets in a Jar is a love letter to the HBCU college experience and homemade desserts.  Our founder, Kolby McNeal has been experimenting and creating unique spins on homemade cakes since he was 5 years old.  Now he is bring those delicious sweets to you!  Sweets in a Jar are a perfect portion size for those cheat days, and are in a recyclable jar because let's face it, we have to be kind to Mother Earth! Bring Sweets in a Jar to your next event!